Over the last couple of years, I’ve written a lot about Meniere’s disease and the blog has become somewhat difficult to navigate.

There’s just too much information and not nearly enough organization.

So, I’ve decided to improve things.

For the time being, this page will act as the table of contents for the Mind Over Meniere’s blog:

Newly diagnosed or new to Mind Over Meniere’s:

Meniere’s Disease: A Guide for the Newly Diagnosed

The Ultimate List of Meniere’s disease Links and Resources

Published Books:

Mind Over Meniere’s: How I Conquered Meniere’s Disease and Learned to Thrive by Glenn Schweitzer

Rewiring Tinnitus: How I Finally Found Relief from the Ringing in My Ears by Glenn Schweitzer

Products that Help me With Meniere’s Disease

A Few of My Favorite (Meniere’s Disease Related) things

My Everyday Items for Meniere’s Disease

Mind Over Meniere’s FREE Tools:

The Mind Over Meniere’s FREE Symptom Trigger Tool

Meniere’s Disease Activity Planner: A FREE Tool for Taking Action

A FREE Tool to Help you Achieve Your Health Goals

The Mind Over Meniere’s Curated Amazon Products List

A New Tool for Your Meniere’s Disease Toolkit

Introducing the Symptom Relief Project Audio Program

Lifestyle Management to Improve Symptoms

Erase Meniere’s Symptoms with a Temporary Lifestyle Cleanse

25 Lifestyle Changes that Improve Meniere’s Disease (VIDEO)

How to Find Your Meniere’s Disease Triggers (VIDEO)

Strategies, Tips, and Tricks for a Low-Sodium Lifestyle

Consistency is the Name of the Game

The Challenge of Going Out to Eat with Meniere’s Disease

Improve Your Support Network to Feel the Love You Deserve

10 Ways to Get Better Sleep Tonight for Better Health

The 3000 Year Old Alternative to Alcohol

Alternative Treatments:

Experimenting with CBD for Tinnitus and Meniere’s Disease

Chronic Illness and the Quest to Control My Immune System

My Secret Weapon Against Meniere’s Disease (Meditation)

Chronic Illness and the Strange Science of Emotional Control

Flow: A Powerful Approach to Chronic Illness – Part 1Part 2Part 3

How Reading Can Help you Conquer Chronic Illness

Make Art Like You’re 5 to Heal and Give Purpose to Your Pain

Explaining Meniere’s Disease to Family and Friends:

What it’s Really Like to Live With Meniere’s Disease (VIDEO)

A Message from my Wife Megan

Meniere’s Disease: Take a Dizzying Walk in My Shoes

The 5 Caregiver Commandments: How to Support a Loved One with Invisible Illness

Why Hasn’t Anybody Heard of Meniere’s Disease?

Fear, Anxiety, and Stress:

Trance and Meniere’s: Achieving the Deepest Possible State of Relaxation

The Crippling Fear of Meniere’s Disease (VIDEO)

The One Minute Better Mindset Technique (VIDEO)

The Trauma of Meniere’s Disease

Anxiety, Vertigo, and the Path to Inner Calm

Meniere’s Disease, Reinvention, and the Fear of Failure

Approach Stress Like a Child for Better Results

Meniere’s Disease: A Tale of Risk, Regret, and Redemption

How to Conquer Your Fear with Imagination


Question Everything: A Simple Way to Raise Quality of life with Chronic Illness

Chronic Illness and the Fight Against Feeling Lazy

I Never Learn

Positive Thinking Doesn’t Work – Positive Action Does

Why is it Always So Hard to Ask for Help?

The Secret Potential of Adversity

Meniere’s Disease and the Death of Denial

How to Stay Positive with Meniere’s Disease


Navigating with Vertigo: How to Get Around Safely (Guest Post)

Vertigo, Dizziness, Disequilibrium: Battling Chronic Nausea


Rewiringtinnitus.com – My other blog

Hope for Tinnitus Sufferers (HEARINGLOSS.ORG WEBINAR VIDEO)

The Ultimate List of Tinnitus Links and Resources

Rewiring Tinnitus is Available now!

The Real Problem with Tinnitus Part 1 (VIDEO)

The Real Problem with Tinnitus Part 2: Finding Relief (VIDEO)

Finding Relief from Tinnitus: The Noise is Not the Problem

Tinnitus: It’s More than Meets the Ears

The Selective Torture of Tinnitus

Tinnitus: Powerful New Strategies to Reclaim your Silence

A New Approach for Treating Tinnitus

Hearing Loss:

Why is it so Hard to Wear Earplugs in Public?

We have to Protect our Hearing at All Costs

Brain Fog and Fatigue:

Pushing Through Brain Fog on Difficult Days

Strategies and Techniques to Beat Brain Fog (VIDEO)

What is Brain Fog (VIDEO)

Healthy Habits and Routines for Brain Fog and Chronic Illness

Productivity Tricks for the Chronically Brain Fogged

Fatigue in the Aftermath of an Avocado Disaster

The 80-20 Approach to Chronic Illness and Fatigue

Meniere’s Disease and the Battle of Brain Fog – Part 1Part 2Part 3

Meniere’s Disease Treatment:

Success Rates of Meniere’s Disease Treatments: Survey Results

How to Find a Better Meniere’s Disease Specialist (VIDEO)

How to Find the Right Doctor to Conquer Meniere’s Disease

How to Survive the Holidays with Meniere’s Disease

Measuring Success with Meniere’s Disease

How to Survive a Difficult Day

Overcoming Setbacks and Difficult Days

Being Your Own Best Advocate:

No One Will Ever Care as Much as You Can

Chronic Illness or: How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Fight for my Health

There Will Never be a Better Time to Get Better

Personal, Educational, and Inspirational Posts:

Powerful Emergency Features on Your Phone You Didn’t Know You Had

Tragedy and Chronic Illness: Lessons from a Painful Place

51 Powerful Quotes to Inspire Anyone Living with Chronic Illness

Meniere’s Disease: It’s Something I Have, Not Something I Am

My Journey with Meniere’s Disease: A Special Presentation

5 Life Lessons from 6 Years of Chronic Illness

The Price We Pay

Out of Balance

The 3 Adversities of Chronic Illness

Meniere’s and Marriage

A Pity Party for One

My Impossible Dream and Special Announcement

How to Have Hope and Keep it

Oh Do I Have an Excuse for You!

Working With Meniere’s Disease:

Working with Chronic Illness: A Virtual Assistant’s Success Story

10 Ways to Make Money From Home with a Chronic Illness

8 More Ways to Make Money from Home with a Chronic Illness


Can I Travel with Meniere’s Disease (VIDEO)

Lessons from a European Honeymoon with Meniere’s Disease


Ménières’s Syndrome or Ménière’s Disease?

The Cure for Meniere’s Disease May Rest in Your Hands

Meniere’s Disease: One Man’s Mission to Find a Cure

The Vestibular Disorders Association (VEDA):

The Dizzy Dash: A Chance to Push Yourself (and Help Others!)

Balance Awareness Week 2016

Balance Awareness Week 2015 – The story of VEDA

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