Hi Everyone, Glenn here.

Recently, a wonderful new book titled “Dear Meniere’s – Letters & Art” was released featuring more than 120 letters and 60 pieces of art from Meniere’s disease sufferers all over the world.

It’s a powerful collection, compiled by Julieann Wallace (Author), Anne Elias (Sydney Meniere’s Support Group), Heather Davies (Meniere’s Muse Podcast), and Steven Schweir (On the Vertigo) over at Lilly Pilly Publishing.

Everyone should grab a copy of this incredibly moving book right now (available on Amazon)! 100% of the proceeds are being donated to Meniere’s disease research.

Today, I’m proud to share my own letter to Meniere’s disease that was featured in the book (on pages 157 and 158).

Dear Meniere’s: My Letter

Dear Meniere’s Disease,

You turned my life upside down and inside out (literally and metaphorically) before it even really had a chance to begin.

If I had a choice, I would never choose you. But I can choose to see you clearly, and now that time has passed, I can see the silver lining, too.

Before you arrived in my early twenties, I took life for granted. In my young mind, I was invincible. My health was guaranteed. My balance was a given.

To say you were a wakeup call would be an understatement. When we first met, I had never known hopelessness so deep. Despair so dark.

You brought me to my knees, and I almost gave up entirely.

You were my personal terrorist. I hated you with every fiber of my being. Hated what you took from me. Hated how you made me feel so weak and powerless.

But now 12 years have passed since I first learned your name. And sitting here today, writing you this letter, I’m a different person than I was before. I’m happy and content, and I have been for long time now. I live an amazing life, filled with love and purpose and meaning, and I can see with perfect hindsight that it all started with you.

Because of you, or in spite of you, I took ownership of my life and my health. You gave me limits I didn’t want – limits I’d never faced before – but I still found a way to do the things that mattered most to me.

I found a way to grow. I found a career in helping other people who were still afraid of you. I found a beautiful family with a loving wife who gave me two amazing children. I found a life I’m proud to live.

You changed my world completely, and yet somehow, in all the ways that really matter, I can see now that it was for the better.

If I could erase you from my life today, I would do so without hesitation. But enough time has passed for me to recognize that I wouldn’t have this life I love if I had never met you.

It’s such a strange contradiction: I wish you were gone and yet I’m deeply thankful for what you’ve taught me, for what you’ve enabled me to become.

And for that, I can say without hesitation, that I am truly grateful.

Yours (but hopefully not forever),
Glenn Schweitzer

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