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For the last two months, I’ve been testing out a wonderful new stress management product called the Apollo Neuro.

It’s a wearable brainwave entrainment device that uses vibration to quickly alter your mental state on demand, just like the brainwave entrainment audio tracks I have been creating for years now to help people better cope with tinnitus and Meniere’s disease.

The Apollo Neuro offers a wide variety of mind-altering effects and health benefits, and its efficacy is backed by 6 clinical trials, with 9 additional trials currently underway.

The Neuro can quickly induce relaxation to alleviate stress and anxiety, and reduce activation of fight or flight, which is extremely useful for tinnitus and Meniere’s sufferers who are often stuck in a fight or flight vicious cycle.

It also has a program to help you fall asleep faster and sleep more deeply, and other programs to give you energy, reduce fatigue, and dramatically boost your focus.


Over the last two months of testing, I have worn my Apollo Neuro nearly every waking hour, and I have actively used its various programs for at least several hours each day.

I have to say that I’ve been completely blown away by how much it’s helped me. I honestly wasn’t expecting to use it anywhere near as much as I have, but from the very first relaxation session I tried, I knew I had found something truly helpful.

It’s had a powerful effect on my stress levels, sleep quality, and energy levels. And more importantly, it has really helped me to cope with an extremely overwhelming time in my life.

In the last month alone, my wife and I purchased a new home, moved in, and sold our previous home. We ran into major problems, obstacles, and delays at every turn, and then as soon as we were finally settled in, we had a baby girl via surrogacy pregnancy – our second child.

As you can imagine, I’ve had a lot on my plate for the last few months. My sleep has been a mess and my stress and anxiety levels have been sky-high through it all.

And right in the middle of all this stress, I received my Apollo Neuro.

It was a game changer.

Form Factor:

The device itself is small and can be worn against the body in many different ways. A soft nylon bracelet is included that allows you to wear it on your wrist, forearm, or ankle, and a clip is included as well that allows you to attach it directly to your clothing for more discreet use when out and about.

I have experimented with wearing it all over my body and have found it to be equally effective, regardless of placement. My favorite spots to wear it are on my right wrist, left ankle, or clipped inside the waistband of my pants resting near my right hip bone.

I wore my Apollo Neuro on my ankle while we were at the hospital

The device is controlled by an app on your phone and pairing and setup are incredibly easy. There are 7 different programs to choose from, each offering a different mind-altering therapeutic effect, and you can control the intensity from the app.

There are also two physical buttons on the device itself that allow you to change the intensity of the vibration on the fly, so you can easily turn it up or down without using your phone. You can also start, stop, and restart any program by pressing both buttons at the same time, giving you a ton of control without needing to rely on the app.

For example, if you last used the sleep program but then wake up in the middle of the night, you can restart the sleep induction program by tapping both buttons.

You are instructed to start out with the weakest vibration intensity that you can feel, so that you can easily become distracted from the vibration sensation.

But for tinnitus sufferers, the vibration can serve as a kind of sensory distraction, helping to pull attention away from the ringing in your ears.

When a program is running, it feels similar to a cat purring against your body. The intensity of the vibration increases and decreases in gentle waves, with overall intensity changes occurring throughout a program.

How it works:

So how does it work? Brainwave entrainment technology all starts with a simple truth: how you feel in any given moment changes your brainwaves (the electrical communications of brain cells) in a very specific, predictable, and measurable way.

But amazingly, the opposite is also true: by using an external stimulus to temporarily influence your brainwave patterns to change, your mental state will change as a result, reflecting the new brainwave pattern.

In other words, you can quickly and completely change how you feel by changing your brainwaves. This effect is known as Brainwave Entrainment and it can be achieved with sound, flickering light, or vibration, as is the case with the Apollo Neuro!

In my personal testing, I have found that it works just as effectively for me as my brainwave entrainment audio tracks, but the Apollo offers so many additional use cases, because you can wear the Apollo while doing other things.

For example, I often wear it during my 1-on-1 tinnitus coaching sessions, with the clear and focused program running to keep my energy levels up and concentration high.

You can wear it during meetings, social events, dinners with family, while listening to music or podcasts, or any other situation where listening to brainwave entrainment audio wouldn’t make sense.

I keep it on throughout the day and turn on programs any time I start feeling off, need a boost, or want an edge.

There is also a super helpful scheduling feature that allows you to have the Apollo Neuro turn on and start a program automatically at a certain time of day, to automate the effects and benefits!

Clinical Research and Data:

Since the device launched, Apollo has been conducting many different clinical trials to demonstrate a wide variety of therapeutic effects.

You can browse all of Apollos clinical results, as well as existing and ongoing research by clicking here. But here is a quick overview:

According to the manufacturer, “Apollo Neuro’s stress-relieving technology has been tested across thousands of users in the clinic and in the real world through six complete clinical trials, with nine more currently underway. Here’s what we’ve seen, on average:
– 40% less stress and feelings of anxiety
– 11% increase in HRV
– Up to 25% increase focus and concentration
– 19% more time in deep sleep
– 50% increased access to meditative states for non-meditators
– Apollo use over 2 weeks significantly improved symptom scores in subjects with PTSD, with additional clinical trials for PTSD in veterans underway”

While some of the clinical studies were small, it’s impressive to find a company putting so much money into ongoing clinical research to actually prove the efficacy of their product.

My Recommendation:

When I first discovered the Apollo Neuro in an Instagram ad, it immediately piqued my interest.

But it wasn’t until I heard one of the founders of the company, Dr. David Rabin MD, PhD, discuss the product on a podcast that I realized what it actually was – a vibration-based brainwave entrainment device – that I knew I had to get my hands on one and test it out.

As many of you know, I have been creating brainwave entrainment audio products for more than seven years now. I’ve also long been a huge proponent of stress relieving products and technology in general.

And while I always knew it was possible to facilitate brainwave entrainment via vibration against the skin, there simply wasn’t a commercially available consumer product before the Apollo Neuro.

I’ve been sharing my results with my tinnitus coaching clients for the last couple of weeks, with several of my clients now using the Apollo as well! I even had one client who had already been using one to help him cope with tinnitus for more than a year prior to working with me.

The Apollo is a definitely a premium product and as a result, it’s somewhat expensive at $400 for a new unit and $350 for a refurbished one. And while I was sent my Neuro for free to test out and review, I would absolutely purchase one at full price if mine broke or I had to send it back for any reason. For the benefits I’ve experienced, it’s definitely worth the price in my opinion.

And best of all, Apollo has offered a 10% discount (applied automatically at checkout) for the Mind Over Meniere’s community which brings the price of a new unit down to $360 and the price of a refurbished one down to $315.

Plus, it comes with a full 30-day money back guarantee, where you can get your money back if you are unhappy with your Apollo for any reason.

I hope you all find this as helpful as I have!

DISCLAIMER: I received my Apollo Neuro for free to test out and provide an honest review. I receive many free products (and purchase many products too) but only ever end up writing about a very small percentage of them that work well for me, that I personally stand behind, and actually use myself. Some of the links featured in this post are affiliate links. If you decide to purchase a product through these links, Mind Over Menieres may receive a small commission that goes toward the maintenance cost of the website.

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