Living with Meniere’s disease is never easy.

The sheer complexity is enough to overwhelm the best of us.

And while there are seemingly countless things that may trigger your symptoms, there are also many things that you can do to improve your health, even if your symptoms are triggered by factors outside of your control.

For example, exercise, meditation, proper diet, quality sleep, and stress reduction all play a role in how we feel. The healthier you are as a whole, the more effectively your body can fight against Meniere’s disease. Your body’s resources won’t be wasted dealing with other unrelated health issues.

The problem is that many of things that make us feel better are difficult, especially early on. I know we all have things we wish we did more frequently for our health and overall well-being.

Don’t Break the Chain:

Over the years, I’ve found that it’s so much easier to be consistent with my healthy habits when I practice them every day. The hard part is building the initial momentum.

But you can hack the process and trick yourself into adopting a new habit with a simple technique. It’s called “Don’t Break the Chain” and it will boost your motivation and consistency in a big way.

All you have to do is write down your health and treatment goals, and cross out each day that you complete them on a calendar.

It gives you a clear visual of your progress and will keep you motivated and moving forward. The goal is to get as many days in a row as possible. As you see the days add up, you will feel pressured to not break the chain by missing a day.

The technique was popularized by Jerry Seinfeld, who described the practice as the method he uses to make sure he writes jokes every day.

It’s such a simple approach, but it has a huge impact. So to help you achieve your heath goals, I created a “Don’t Break the Chain” PDF specifically tailored to Meniere’s Disease that you can print out and use each day to start building the habits that will improve your health.

I challenge you to try it today!

Click here to download your FREE copy of the Mind Over Menieres “Don’t Break the Chain” PDF Tool! 

  1. Funny how it all works, I was thinking I need something simple just like your download (not on the computer as it can currently trigger V)…. Just started reading your book, a quick drop in on your website and one less thing I have to do because you’ve designed PDF exactly what I wanted…. Looking forward to working my way through your book. Thank you.

  2. Glen- just started the worksheet with weather, etc….meditation… feeling stressed yesterday thinking of doing the worksheet, reading your book, reading emails…yikeeeees! So I put everything down and meditated for a couple minutes… it worked! Fell asleep peacefully….zzzzzzz lol

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