Hey Everyone, it's that time of year again!

The Vestibular Disorders Association's Balance Awareness Week starts on September 12th!

Starting from humble beginnings in Portland Oregon, the Vestibular Disorders Association has been a beacon of hope to the Vestibular community for more than 30 years now, advocating on our behalf, supporting us, raising awareness for our struggles, and helping to educate Vestibular professionals.

In a world of people who don’t understand what we're going through, the Vestibular Disorders Association does.

It’s time to give back to the organization that has done so much for us, and our cause, for such a long time.

Join me in my support of VEDA for Balance Awareness Week 2016 and make a donation to the Mind Over Meniere's Balance Awareness Week Campaign so that VEDA can continue to fight the good fight and support us for years to come!

Get involved:

Can't afford to make a donation? No need to worry, there are plenty of ways you can help to make Balance Awareness Week a huge success!

Create a Personal Campaign Page: Help us fundraise! You can ask friends, family, and coworkers to support you by making a donation. It will give you a chance share your story about how having a vestibular disorder has affected you and your loved ones. Family members can join in too!

Join me in the Dizzy Dash: The dizzy dash is a virtual 5k race to help raise awareness for Vestibular disorders. Grab your friends and family and run, walk or crawl for 5Km (3.1 miles). It’s easy, fun, and you can complete it in chunks! There are no more free T-shirts available to registrants but I encourage you to take part.

Participate in the "Flat Flamingo" Photo Contest: This one is easy! All you have to do is print out a flat flamingo, take a picture with it somewhere fun, and upload it to your social media pages with the hashtag #defeatdizziness. Ten (10) winners will each receive a gift certificate for one pair of KEEN shoes!

Support VEDA’s Social Media Campaign: All you have to do is "like" and follow VEDA on Facebook and share their posts. With a little bit of luck, we'll make Balance Awareness Week go viral!

Help Spread Awareness: Help spread awareness about Vestibular disorders by printing and distributing the Balance Awareness Week poster and the "Top 10 Facts About Vestibular Disorders" flyer!

Purchase a copy of my book Mind Over Meniere's: I will be donating 50% of the profits of all books sold during the month of September to VEDA in honor of Balance Awareness Week! 

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