Did you know that every single night, for a brief moment, right before you fall asleep, you enter into an altered state of consciousness?

It’s often referred to as the trance state, and when you’re falling asleep, it happens quickly. So quickly, in fact, that most people have no idea that anything strange has happened at all.

But when you’re familiar with it, and you experience it willfully, it’s a fascinating and deeply therapeutic state of consciousness. Every single muscle in your body becomes completely relaxed as your body falls asleep, yet your mind remains awake and completely conscious.

It’s extraordinary thing to experience and incredibly relaxing. Stress and anxieties quickly melt away. Tinnitus suddenly feels distant, as if you’ve moved away from the source of the sound.

And it’s deeply restorative. When you “wake up”, you come out of it feeling calm and refreshed, as if you’ve had a wonderful nap.

But here’s the best part – you can learn to quickly get into this altered state of consciousness as often as you’d like with a simple technique.

It’s a powerful tool to have at your disposal.

How to get into a trance state:

Inducing a trance state requires two distinct steps.

First, you need to consciously relax all the muscles in your body. As I mentioned before, when you enter into the trance state, your body falls asleep, and your muscles completely relax on their own. But if your muscles are relaxed to begin with, you can get into the trance state much more quickly.

The next step involves tricking your brain into thinking you’re falling asleep. Remember, you normally pass through the trance state as you fall asleep each night. The goal here is to induce trance without actually drifting off.

You don’t need to be lying down for this to work. Just get completely comfortable in a chair, on the couch, or lying in bed. If you do fall asleep, try this in a chair with your head balanced upright. This way if you start to fall asleep, your head will drop and it will keep you awake.

I also recommend trying this either in a quiet room or with low level ambient background noise, like white noise or soothing nature sounds.

The Trance Induction Technique:

Close your eyes and take five deep breaths into your diaphragm (lower abdomen). Feel your stomach expand as you inhale, and with each exhale, feel your entire body becoming more and more relaxed. Let all your muscles go completely limp.

Now focus on individual muscle groups, one at a time, relaxing each as much as possible before moving on. Let all the tension dissolve as you work your way through your body.

Start with your feet and your toes. Let all of the muscles go completely limp. Now focus on your legs and your butt. Release all the tension.

Continue on to your stomach and your lower back, then your chest and upper back, your shoulders and your arms, your hands and your fingers, your neck and your throat, and finally, your head and your face.

Take a deep breath. As you exhale, feel your muscles become even more relaxed, all throughout your body.

Now imagine that you’re inside of an elevator that’s descending deep underground with the doors still open. Imagine that the elevator shaft is made of dirt and rocks, instead of concrete, and as you descend, watch the walls as they appear to be moving up, as you sink deeper and deeper down the elevator shaft.

Try to really feel this sense of sinking, of downward movement, with your entire body. You may be surprised to find that it actually feels like your sinking. Hold this in your imagination for as long as you can.

Feel the bed sinking, down and down and down. Deeper and deeper down. (Mentally repeat, “Down and down and down. Deeper and deeper and deeper down.” for as long as you are able.)

Eventually, you will feel a heavy warmth wash over you as you enter into the trance state. You can remain here for as long as you’d like.

When you’re ready to “wake up,” simply open your eyes and get up slowly. If you have a hard time coming out of it, simply reverse the exercise and imagine the elevator shaft is going up. This will bring you to more wakeful state.

Additional Resources:

Meniere’s Symptom Relief Project: If you want to get into the trance state even faster, you can use Brainwave Entrainment audio to speed things up. On the Meniere’s Symptom Relief Project, you can use the Vertigo Reliever audio track in combination with this technique to get into trance much more quickly.

Chronic Illness and the Strange Science of Emotional Control: With a slight variation of this technique, you can learn to trigger a similar state of relaxation on demand.

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