There is a lot of good information on Meniere’s disease online, but it can be hard to find. I created this to be the definitive list of links and resources for Meniere’s disease patients.

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Finding a great doctor to treat Meniere’s Disease:

Nonprofit Organizations that Serve the Meniere’s Community:

  • The Vestibular Disorders Association – An incredible nonprofit organization that goes above and beyond for the Meniere’s disease community on a regular basis. For almost 30 years, VEDA has been a highly respected source of scientifically credible information on vestibular disorders. Through their publications and online community, VEDA has reached literally millions of vestibular patients with critical information and support. I highly recommend getting involved, either by becoming a supporting member, or as a volunteer.
  • Meniere’s Resources Inc. – A wonderful nonprofit organization that tirelessly serves the Meniere’s disease community, day in, day out. Meniere’s Resources Inc. is dedicated to raising public awareness about Meniere’s disease and providing support and encouragement to those still suffering from Meniere’s and other vestibular disorders.
  • Whirled Foundation – A great nonprofit that offers support to everyone with a Vestibular disorder. Formally Meniere’s Australia.
  • The Meniere’s Society – A UK based charity that serves people with Meniere’s disease and other Vestibular disorders. Provides resources to patients and grants for Meniere’s disease research.
  • Meniere’s Research Fund Inc – A nonprofit that focuses on expanding Meniere’s disease research with their own dedicated research scientists by building on the results of Meniere’s disease research from around around the world.
  • Hearing Health Foundation – A great nonprofit working to research and cure Tinnitus and hearing loss.
  • Run Because – Started by a Meniere’s sufferer to fight for a cure, one half marathon at a time.

Professional and Medical Organizations that Serve the Meniere’s Community:

Mind Over Meniere’s Tools and Resources:

Noteworthy Meniere’s Disease Facebook Pages:

Meniere’s Disease and Chronic Illness Blogs:

Support Groups:

Meniere’s Disease Books:

Meniere’s Disease Cookbooks:

Extra Resources:

  • Unheard: The Ears of Meniere’s Documentary – An upcoming feature length documentary film about Meniere’s disease that will feature in-depth, dynamic stories told directly from Meniere’s sufferers, including celebrated musician Huey Lewis and author-tech evangelist Guy Kawasaki. Famed painter Vincent Van Gogh will also be highlighted as well. In a 1990 issue of the Journal of the American Medical Association (JAMA), a team of doctors corrected Van Gogh’s misdiagnosis of epilepsy and attributed his “attacks” to Meniere’s! Also, noted Neurotologists Dr. Sujana Chandrasekhar and Dr. Anil Lalwani will provide the most up-to-date medical information on the condition, current research and what still needs to be done.
  • Healthy Heart Market – An online store specializing in low and no-sodium foods.
  • Low Sodium Foods – An online store featuring all kinds of low and no-sodium foods. Servicing Australia and New Zealand Residents only.
  • Selecting a Cochlear Implant Surgeon
  • Say What Hearing: Say What Hearing is an online resource for individuals in the hard-of-hearing community. Dedicated to hearing loss advocacy, its mission is to inform users, readers, and spouses with loved ones who suffer from hearing loss and tinnitus to take action to improve their hearing.


If I left anything out, or if you know of another good link or resource, leave it in a comment below and I will add it to the list!

Click Here to download a FREE PDF copy of the Ultimate List of Meniere’s Disease Links and Resources

  1. Hi. I’m a menieres sufferer and I write a blog about living a low sodium life. It would be great if you could share. keep up the good work!

    • Hi Greg! Thank you for sharing your site I’ve added it to the list. I hadn’t seen your blog before, but it’s awesome! I will definitely be sharing your posts in the future.

    • Hi Sherry, please do! I’m trying to get it out there to as many people as possible. It would have helped me so much to have a list like this when I was first diagnosed!

  2. Thank you for everything, Glenn. I don’t have social media accounts, but I do read your articles on VEDA. I truly appreciate your dedication to this debilitating disease and for bringing hope. Thank you

  3. Really enjoy your videos & advice. I’ve had Meniere’s for 12 plus years & try to live my life as normal as I can, not going to let this disease win!

  4. I have Meniere’s Disease and have dealing with it for years. I have spells that I am in a fog when it comes out of remission I go through panic attacks and vomiting it feels like if you don’t have it you don’t understand. I have been disabled for years from it. But I am also one of these people that believe that I have to face my fears. I wanting to know if anyone else gets confused and has fear and can hear people chewing . And just get totally worn out of being tired. Doctors told me I had Meniere’s Disease but didn’t tell me how bad or really anything else about it. I get so irrated because what can you do when your potassium gets low but the medicine makes the Meniere’s Disease worse. And you really can’t eat what doesn’t have sodium. It’s like I war whitin yourself .And i hate fear i hate these attacks i hate spinning or scared that Vertigo is coming next. And people arent aware what comes with it just pressure getting in my inner ear sets it off. I had my sinus cut out and now a fungus has set triggered it out of remisssion. I fight against depression and nausea. And if you have Meniere’s Disease you have had the similar battles . But I always pray that the Lord will help me fight it. So if you have this Disease I pray in the name of Jesus for you also. And ask that the Lord helps you control your angry and fear. Thank you for listening. Lorie

  5. Great compilation – thanks so much. I, too, am a Meniere’s suffer. I strongly feel that there is a link between headaches & Meniere’s

    • I would like to invite you to my 20th Meniere’s Symposium. I was supposed to speak at the International Meniere’s Symposium in China in April but it was canceled, so I am having a national one the first weekend in May, 2020. It is for doctors, students, established patients, new patients and their caregivers. We have international speakers on Friday afternoon followed by a round table discussion where everyone can speak and ask questions, both doctors and patients. We have a nice dinner to finish the day. On Saturday ten existing patients and five new patients get to work together with ten doctors to figure out their cases.

      I have spoken at the last three Symposiums in Los Angeles, USA, Kyoto, Japan and Rome, Italy. Also to the Prosper Meniere Society in Austria. I currently have over one thousand Meniere’s patients.

  6. Hello all, i have just been diagnosed with Meniere’s. The problem i had was that i already have hearing loose in my right ear. The hard part are the attaches and never knowing when it’s going to happen. Can someone lead me in the right direction. I’m reading as much as i can.

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