After a challenging couple of months, I’ve recently had to make a lot of really difficult lifestyle changes. It started slowly as my work/life balance went out the window. But it didn’t take long for my health to start falling apart. I wasn’t sleeping, my Meniere’s symptoms were the worst they’ve been in years, and all […]

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When you live with a chronic illness, it’s really easy to fall into fixed routines and very specific patterns of living. And it makes sense, because routines are extremely helpful in managing chronic illness. But there’s an unintended consequence to living this way. You start to develop beliefs and assumptions about the world that can limit […]

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I recently came across an interesting concept that explains a lot about the mindset of a person living with chronic illness like Meniere’s disease. It goes like this: When a person or an animal is repeatedly subjected to a terrible situation that they think they can’t escape or control, they eventually stop trying, even if escape […]

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When you live with a chronic illness like Meniere’s disease, it’s very easy to fall into a negative mindset. The anxiety, depression, stress, and emotional turmoil can overwhelm you in an instant. But this simple technique can help to calm you down and bring you back to a more positive mindset in less than two minutes. […]

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When you have Meniere’s disease, finding a great doctor can be extremely challenging. It’s such a devastating disorder, and its rarity renders most general practitioners, and even many specialists, inexperienced at treatment.  And that’s unfortunate because it’s way too easy to lose hope without proper medical care and guidance. If you know you have Meniere’s […]

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The Symptom Relief Project Disclaimer

  • Those who should not listen to the Symptom Relief Project include: Those who are prone to or have had seizures, epileptic, pregnant or wear a pacemaker, whether knowingly or not, should not listen the Symptom Relief Project.

    Those who should consult a physician before the use of this product include: individuals under the influence of medication or drugs. The Symptom Relief Project should not to be used while under the influence of alcohol or other mood altering substances, whether they be legal or illegal.

    Children under the age of 18 are to be examined by a physician for epilepsy or illnesses that may contribute to seizures prior to listening to the Symptom Relief Project, as they are more susceptible to seizures.


    Although the Symptom Relief Project’s aim is to contribute to wellness, it is not intended as a replacement for medical or psychological treatment. No medical claims are intended, express or implied. No statements made in the application or related documentation have been evaluated or approved by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA), and is not intended to diagnose, treat, or cure any disease. Do not stop taking any of your prescribed medication.

    The buyer/user of The Symptom Relief Project assumes all risks in the use of the Symptom Relief Project, waving any claims against Glenn Schweitzer and Mind Over Meniere’s for any and all mental or physical injuries. This includes all self-created suggestions for mood altering, brain wave states altering, and for self-improvement or motivation. The buyer/user also agrees to assume liabilities when other persons have access to the Symptom Relief Project.

    In no case will Glenn Schweitzer or Mind Over Meniere’s be liable for chance, accidental, special, direct or indirect damages resulting from use, misuse or defects of the audio, instructions or documentation.