Recently, I had the opportunity to be interviewed live about tinnitus and Meniere’s on the Vestibular Disorders Association’s Facebook page as part of their popular Video Education Series!

In this wide wide ranging conversation with hosts Dr. Kathleen Stross, DPT, MS, CHC and Dr. Danielle Tolman, DPT, we discussed my personal journey and struggles with tinnitus and Meniere’s disease and what I’ve learned after working with more than 800 tinnitus sufferers 1-on-1 as a tinnitus coach.

We had a great discussion and I think you all are going to get a lot out of this one!

Topics covered in the interview:

  • My own personal journey and struggles with Meniere’s disease and tinnitus
  • How I habituated to my tinnitus and found lasting relief
  • The progression of tinnitus suffering and how/why it becomes a vicious cycle
  • How I started working with tinnitus sufferers 1-on-1
  • Tinnitus as a symptom with many possible causes
  • The importance of finding a great doctor
  • The terrifying experience of hearing loud tinnitus for the first time
  • Why doctor’s say, “You just have to live with it” (And why they’re 100% wrong)
  • Habituation as a strategy for lasting relief from tinnitus
  • The meditation techniques I discovered that helped me to habituate
  • The similarities between tinnitus, chronic pain, PTSD, and other heath problems.
  • The importance of calming the nervous system in treating tinnitus
  • Tinnitus coping tools and strategies
  • Why tinnitus sufferers feel powerless to help themselves
  • Coping strategies for tinnitus patients with severe hearing loss
  • The importance of sound masking
  • How to find the best masking options for your unique tinnitus sound
  • Bone conduction headphones
  • Brainwave Entrainment and it’s power to help tinnitus patients to better cope
  • How trying to avoid tinnitus can backfire and make the problem worse
  • So much more!

Want to work with me one-on-one? Click here to learn more.

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