When you live with Meniere’s disease, fear can infiltrate every aspect of your day.

It’s not irrational fear either. When our symptoms can flare up at any moment, it affects the decisions we make, it keeps us locked in houses, and prevents us from making plans.

Part of my philosophy of chronic illness is to fully understand the nature and extent of my limitations.

When you know exactly what you’re up against, you can reasonably predict how certain choices will affect you, and you can make decisions with open eyes. Or to put it another way, when you understand your limitations, fear doesn’t have to be the deciding factor in the choices you make.

How to Make Plans Without Fear:

So how can you apply this type of thinking? The next time someone invites you to participate in an activity that you enjoy, don’t just say no out of the fear that something could go wrong.

Instead, ask yourself the following questions:

1) Will I enjoy myself?

It’s a simple question, but it’s important to be honest with yourself. Because pushing yourself and taking a risk solely for someone else’s benefit may not be a good reason to participate.

2) What could go wrong?

Write down everything that could go wrong if you go and do the thing you want to do, including the worst-case scenario. This will give clarity to your fears.

3) How can I Prepare?

What can you do to ahead of time to minimize the risk and what steps can you take to prepare?

4) What can I bring with me to address potential problems?

This could include things like medications, supplies, or emergency equipment.

5) What will I do if things go wrong?

Plan out how you will get to safety and how you will recover afterward.

6) Knowing all this, is it worth it?

It may not always be worth it.

Accept the Possibility of Consequences in Advance:

If it’s worth the risk, make the decision to participate, fully accepting the potential consequences in advance. Then go and enjoy yourself as much as you possibly can.

If things do go wrong, you’ll be prepared. You’ll have a plan in place to deal with problems as they arise. You also won’t be nearly as disappointed as you might have been, because you will have already accepted the possibility of consequences.

It may not end up working out in your favor, but fear didn’t hold you back from living your life, and it just might go well the next time.

You can download my free Activity Planning Tool to help you get started here.

  1. Super timely! My twin daughters’ high school graduation is tomorrow. Its a 5 hour drive there and then a 4 and a half hour wait prior to the ceremony to ensure the best seating. It will be quite a long day. I have been going through my fair share of stresses considering all the details involved and how to care for myself. But now I will go with a greater sense of acceptance knowing that if the consequences come, it’s ok. And I will put steps in place to help myself in the event that happens.

    Thanks again!

  2. Have you experienced any relief from the Mushroom extract? We’ve been using the My Community extract with great success! thanks for that tip.

    • It definitely helps and I’m glad it’s helping you as well! Interestingly, I was turned on to a bit of research that shows that the mycelium extract products don’t actually contain nearly as much of the active alkaloids as previously thought. I’ve found several other companies that do fruiting body extracts that are supposedly far more potent and I plan to try these soon. I will report back after I do!

  3. I have had Meniere’s for the past eight years.

    My son’s wedding is this weekend in California. I face a round trip cross-country flight, four mammoth airports, and hosting the rehearsal dinner for about 40 people, (many I am meeting for the first time),. Also we are walking our new wonderful daughter-in-law down the aisle, (her parents were denied a visitors’ Visa, for no valid reason, thanks to our severely messed up Sate Dept), I have been asked to make a speech at both events, plus a toast, and mother/son dance in front of the crowd. Friends and family I haven’t seen in a long time are flying in from all over the country to celebrate with us, so there will be MUCH conversation and laughing, noise and music, limo rides and group meals.

    This all occurs over three very long days, as well as two travel days. The weather is predicted to include potential record breaking heat. Additionally I am still recovering from a life threatening bout of pneumonia last April, followed by two separate successful cataract surgeries less than 30 days ago.

    I also have to board my two much loved senior dogs for a week while we travel, which is causing me more stress than everything combined.

    I have come to accept that there will be things that do not go as planned. I will be tired. I may fail to be able to live up to all that is expected of me. There will be tears, fatigue and worry. But there is also great joy, and a willingness to try to do all these things. I am happy and excited that I can even consider this trip. But I am also terrified at being a disappointment, of letting my husband and son down, of having an attack in the midst of the celebration, of not being able to look my best for the hundreds of photos and video recordings of this day, and, (the worst), packing everything I need without forgetting essential bits.

    I have planned as best I could, prepared for both the best and worst, and prayed for strength. Nothing left for me but to forge ahead. God help me.

  4. Debbie C Robinett

    Hello Glenn,

    I just finished your book Mind Over Meniere’s !! I would like to say it is one of the Best Tool Kits available for Meniere’s Disease by far. This web page and all that you are doing is a huge blessing to all of us who suffer for Menieres. I wish I would have found this book four years ago when first diagnosed, many of your suggestions in the book I had to learn the hard way with trial an error. Many of your suggestions I was not aware of and are practicing now!

    I will re-read your book again soon as there is so much information that is very valuable in the management of Meniere’s that a second reading is well worth it. I realize this might not be the exact platform to post, but I could not locate a place to leave comments under your book. I will leave this comment on the Amazon site as well. Again the work you are doing for this invisible disease is outstanding!

    Best Regards,

  5. Thank you for this article. I’m awaiting the arrival of your book too. I was diagnosed with Meniere’s nine years ago, but it’s only been life-altering for the past almost three years. It’s made me stop traveling, something I really enjoy, but something I plan to get back to soon, using this planning tool and this way of thinking. I know I can’t have my old life back, but I won’t let anything stop me from making the best of the one I have — keeping my condition in mind when I plan. Thank you for sharing your tips and your experiences.

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