Equilibrium. That great invisible force that holds our inner world in balance. For so many of us, we take it for granted. Why would we ever think twice? It just silently works away in the background of our brains as we go about our busy lives.

But sometimes, for an unlucky few, it fails us, suddenly and without explanation. The stable world you knew and love, ripped away, replaced with confusion, fear, and debilitating vertigo. If you have ever experienced anything like this, my heart goes out to you. Surely, you will never take equilibrium for granted ever again.

But if like me, you suffer from Meniere’s disease, a chronic and incurable condition of the inner ear, then this is but a small glimpse into a new reality and terrible experience. There may not be a cure, but it’s also not the life sentence it seems.

If you have been diagnosed with Meniere’s disease or are currently suffering, you have come to the right place, and I want you to grasp one thing, right now:

There is so much hope.

Meniere’s disease will not define you. It cannot and will not ever be bigger than your dreams.

I wish someone had told me this sooner. Though it may be hard to see right now, you can not only regain everything in life you have seemingly lost, but you have the opportunity to take back your health and build a life of purpose and meaning more substantial then you ever dreamed possible.

I was diagnosed with Meniere’s disease four years ago after months of seemingly endless suffering. Dizziness was all I knew. That was then. Now, I live a life free of Meniere’s symptoms and am healthier in mind, body in spirit then I have ever been in my entire life.

I started this blog to share the countless strategies and tactics I’ve developed and discovered over the years to conquer Meniere’s disease. You can thrive again, and hopefully my writing will help teach you how. If you know you have Meniere’s disease, you already know what it is to suffer. My hope is to provide you with the insight and inspiration necessary to cut through the fear and confusion that comes with a diagnosis.

You are not alone. Stay tuned.

  1. I have seem to overcome the vertigo with two steroid injections. However my hearing is diminished almost constant now except a day here and there when it seems to go back to normal. It happens but not often. The hum I had in my ear after the injection seem to increase their level and now runs from a 6 constant to the day or night of a 10 or off the meter 12. At times it seems almost I unintorable. I wonder what treatments worked for you. I seem to be doing all the right things but nothing seems to be working. To make matters worst I only have 10% hearing in my other ear because a second operation to replace a hearing bone has done been finished yet. My ENT at UVA has 30 yrs in his field but he tells me little of where he expects this to go or explain much to me. I been with him 7 years and he has not done the operation on my other ear until next month so it is hard to switch to another Dr now. He suppose to be one of the best.

  2. As I have had very little help from the medical profession, your information is very important to me and helping me control this complaint, thank you very much.

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