Writing isn’t easy.

But here’s the thing. We’ve all written things before. And most of us write all the time.

Maybe it’s just an email or a thank you card, but we do it without thinking.

I’m bringing this up because I discovered an incredible new opportunity for people with chronic illnesses to make money.

It’s a social network called Steemit that actually pays writers and content creators (video/art/etc.) for their work!

And writing publicly isn’t a whole lot different from the writing you already do. There’s just an added component of fear. It can be scary to put yourself out there.

But in this case, it’s worth it.

Functionally, Steemit looks and feels a lot like Reddit.com (which in turn looks like a lot like a forum/message board). But it’s so much more.

And it’s possible to make money because the platform is built on top of a new kind of digital currency. (Think Bitcoin, which is another digital currency that has been around for a while)

No other website offers anything remotely like this.

So I started post articles a few days ago and it’s been quite a rush. And it got me thinking. There is no one else talking about chronic illness… at least not yet.

That’s where you all come in!

Getting Started:

The whole system can be confusing to understand which is a turn off if you’re not tech savvy.

So I created a super detailed how-to guide!

I’ve broken down everything into the simplest possible terms to make it easy to understand and provided step-by-step instructions for creating your first post.

My dream is to see a thriving chronic illness community intermingling with the general masses to bring awareness to Meniere’s disease and all of the other crazy conditions that the people in our community are suffering from.

And of course, for all of us to make some money together along the way!

I hope you all find this opportunity as exciting as I do!

Click here to read the guide: Steemit for Dummies (like me) – Everything you need to know to get startedSteemit-For-Dummies

  1. Oh boy , this is going to be difficult for me andit is going to take some time. I am 76 years old, and there were no computers , smartphones and TV was small and black and white when I was young. This was in Europe, Belgium
    Furthermore , I speak Flemish, and French the 2 languages of Belgium and learned English in Canada(not so good) .So I am going to read your articles on Steemit and try to figure out how this all works with your guidance.If there is a simple way to give you votes tell me.
    I admire your initiative , your new ideas, and you are always trying to help.
    Stay well.

    • Thanks Renee! On the one hand, I really do wish Steemit wasn’t so complicated but on the other, the guys that created it really made something incredible. Imagine if every time you posted something clever or witty on facebook that got shares and likes, Facebook paid you money. That’s basically what this is.

      At this point the only way you can upvote is by signing up for an account.

  2. Well, this definitely sounds interesting. I was a travel agent for 10 years before Meniere’s took over. I can type very well, however, when it comes to the “sit down and write something” aspect, brain fog sets in, unless you are looking for complete sarcasm, cursing, completely inappropriate banter between my bestie and I that seems to get a lot of attention on FB, then it’s a different story.

    • It’s really similar to Reddit, so cursing, sarcasm, and inappropriate banter may just be what works! Though I know what you mean about the brain fog. Happens to me all the time. It’s easier for me now than it used to be, but pushing through it has always eased my brain fog somewhat. There’s something about finishing a creative project like that makes me feel less foggy.

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